Slowing Down – January Blues

January 5, 2019

January never starts off with a bang for me. It’s a slow time of intention setting, reflecting and goal setting, planning and baby steps towards those goals. It’s slowing down after the holiday craziness and purging all the emotions and remnants of the previous year. More often than not, done to music.

Music is a huge part of my life, always has been. My grandma used to play the fiddle during visits to her house and sing old french songs. My dad was a well known and talented musician locally and taught me to read music and play piano. My brother followed in those foot steps as talented bass player and my husband Lonny is a talented songwriter, musician, collector and I’d even say historian.

He can tell you who played what instrument on what album in what year, which label it was recorded on and which pressing he has on vinyl (because I assure you he likely has it.) He has been collecting and enjoying vinyl long before its recent resurgence, and has even been called (much to his chagrin) ‘the original hipster’. We’ve started bands together, he’s played in many and still does and we sometimes have little jam sessions at home with him on guitar and myself on bass. But mostly a big part of our lives and relationship has been listening to and enjoying music, exploring new music, and even communicating through music. It’s a huge source of inspiration and energy and I often play music during studio sessions to set the tone, and during editing to get in the right headspace for the session I’m working on.

Lonny isn’t on social media, and I’ve always said he should have a music blog, to which he mostly refuses, but I’ve convinced him to help me with this post, that I hope to make a regular feature; a monthly themed playlist. I asked him to compile his top favourite blues songs for a playlist. (I also asked for a paragraph about each but we’ll take baby steps) True to form (read: going against the grain) he gave me 5 songs with ‘Blues’ in the title, in no particular order or flow for a playlist. (again baby steps) Patience is a virtue.

I have each video embedded here, and a link to the whole playlist at the bottom of this post. I’ve also included a link to the one person I thought Lon would surely include but didn’t due to his curveball of the blues titles. Check out the bands too. Hopefully you find some new loves and inspirations too.

Tombstone Blues – Fembots

From Toronto. First heard on CBC’s late night show ‘Brave New Waves’

Peoria Lunch Box Blues – Songs: Ohia (The Magnolia Electric Co.)

This band is a household favourite, all the albums.

Cat’s Blues – Palace Music

An old favourite.

Vampire Blues – Neil Young

We’re big on Neil in this house.

Higgs Boson Blues – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


Link to the playlist on youtube

And a link to Lightning Hopkins SOUL BLUES