Life with James 2

November 23, 2017

How ’bout that rain? I guess I’m adapting because it’s feeling less heavy. I’ve also started a 10 week ‘presence process’ that involves twice daily meditation, weekly reading and mantras. This week, when I’m finding myself drifting into the digiverse or neverland or simply to trying to ignore James’ constant probing to look at trucks, and watch videos about trucks, or simply repeat the word truck 10k times a day, I jolt myself out of the mind chatter with this week’s mantra ‘this moment matters’. And they really do don’t they? all of them. If my mind wasn’t constantly planning for the future or occasionally wishing for sunshine and shiny things, everything really is just fine presently. beautiful in fact. 


* Almond Milk shooters with James. He’s officially off dairy and eczema is gone. 
* James won’t let us near him to cut his hair so he’s official rocking the ‘Spinal Tap’ hair do.
• Morning journalling. also a practice
• Garbage day is a big day here for James. because trucks.
• Days are much more beautiful when Lons off. Guitar playing in the morning instead of cartoons.
• Bring on Christmas. I used to wait to until December and I was trying to hold off. But it really has brightened things up around here. 🙂

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