Life with James

November 8, 2017

With the 4:00pm sunsets and dark days of November setting in, the familiar dread of winter has returned. That combined with a recent dose of mom guilt after seeing a good friend’s baby books, I’ve decided to slow down and document these days with James and all the little things he’s brought to our home. Though I sometimes struggle to them fill them with the vegetables and adventures I’d like to, I’m working on dropping the guilt and being present. Seeing the beauty in the ordinary and accepting that grilled cheese sandwiches and more episodes of paw patrol that I care to admit, are OK too. And recognizing the beauty in that, helps keep winter happy.


*Things to remember.* 
• His constant requests for GRA GRAs (Crackers) “Mo gra gra beez”
• His bankie and his bot
• His choo choos
• His tools – his prized possession  
• cartoons and a bot after nap time
• Chewable acidopholous that stop all tears like they’re m&m’s (probably not far from it)

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