August 10, 2017

Certainly I’m not the only one with the need for constant reinvention in my work and my style. When the work is fresh I doubt it, when the style is new I’m searching, when the genre is new I’m all in. I love learning and I love change, when things get comfortable I get scared and bored and must dive head first into the next thing. And by dive head first I mean buy all the gear and props and courses, rebrand, reboot, regroup. But then every now and then I pause.

Wait. What the fuck am I doing? 

I still love last month’s genre. yesterdays paper. That song from the 90’s. What was I running from? And then I try to piece back together what I’d fallen in love with in the first place.

Gorgeous light. Emotion. Raw Life. Polished Life. Love. Courage. Stories. 

So I’m focusing on that. I’ve added all my work to my website. And I’m focusing on the work not the brand. xx

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