June 18, 2017

*Shared with Permission*

This was the first X-session I’ve done in a long while. It was so much fun that I’m thrilled to be offering this genre again. Just as with all sessions, professional hair and make up are included along with wardrobe consult and fully-guided photoshoot. These make great wedding or anniversary gifts but I think it’s a great gift to give to yourself. Get pampered then rock your shoot In a safe and encouraging environment where we’ll work together to create fabulous images that you’ll have forever.  

Just a note on the title. I’m searching to replace the X. The word boudoir tends to conjure up images of feather boa’s and all the bad things from the 80’s. We need a new X not only in the name but in the genre. We need to do this right. To empower, encourage, and accept all of our incredibly beautiful bodies. NO SHAME. But Message me if you’ve got a clever idea for the name. 

Port Alberni Boudoir
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